Adobe Sensei powers cool features, introduced at Adobe’s sneak peeks

Sneak Peeks from Adobe MAX Sneaks show, powered by Adobe Sensei

At the MAX 2018 conference, Adobe showed off some sneak technologies that might be incorporated into the future Adobe apps, such as Project Fast Mask, MovingStills, Brush Bounty and more.

Adobe is using Sensei technology, its artificial intelligence and machine learning engine, not only to save editors valuable time but also to work more productively and build better digital experiences.

Adobe Sensei is trained to deeply understand the language of digital content such as images, videos, animations, and illustrations. AI of Adobe Sensei already powers dozens of features across Adobe solutions, including Content-Aware Fill in Photoshop CC, Freeform Gradients in Illustrator CC and more.

Here are some sneaks presentations from Adobe MAX 2018, a lot of Sensei-driven features.

• Brush Bounty

Project Brush Bounty enables the application of simple motion to illustrations using brushes that can create movement while you sketch or paint.


• Project Fast Mask

Project Fast Mask uses Adobe Sensei to quickly select an object in a video and accurately apply the mask across multiple frames of the video, making a laborious manual process nearly automatic.


• Project Smooth Operator

Automatically re-crops a video to multiple new aspect ratios, all while keeping what is interesting or important inside the frame.


You can find more Sensei-powered features here.

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