Ignite 2018: Microsoft reveals a lot of services related to Azure, AI, Security, IoT, Edge Computing, Office and much more

At Ignite 2018 conference in Orlando, Microsoft has just announced a lot of news, services, programs and hardware related to Azure, AI, Security, IoT, Edge Computing, Office and much more.

The tech giant focuses on Security; AI and Data; and IoT and Edge Computing this year.


  • Azure Machine Learning service
  • New Azure IoT Edge features and capabilities
  • Launch “Open Data Initiative” with Adobe and SAP
  • Confidential Computing for Azure
  • Unified search across Microsoft 365
  • Windows Virtual Desktop on Azure with multi-user Windows 10 experience
  • Password free sign in capabilities for apps
  • LinkedIn integration with Outlook and Office apps
  • Powerful AI features into a simplified experience across Office 365
  • Surface Hub 2 to ship in Q2 2019
  • Cortana Skills Kit for Enterprise
  • Azure Data Box family
  • Office 2019 for windows and Mac

Moreover, Microsoft, Adobe and SAP introduced the “Open Data Initiative“, reimagining customer experience management by empowering companies to derive more value from their data and deliver world-class customer experiences in real-time. It’s said that customers can enable AI-driven business processes to derive insights and intelligence from unified behavioral and operational data and unlock and harmonize siloed data to create new value.

Announcing Open Data Initiative

Announcing Open Data Initiative: A partnership with a new vision for renewable data and intelligent applications

Now we are going deeper of today’s announcements of Microsoft. Continue reading
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iPhone XS and XS Max teardown: Mostly the same internal design as iPhone X

iPhone XS and XS Max hit the stores on Friday and as always iFixit has provided teardown images of the new iPhones.
The teardown reveals the latest iPhones are pretty similar to the previous models.

Let’s take a closer look at it.

iPhone XS & iPhone MAX Teardown

iPhone XS on left and iPhone XS Max on right. The shape of battery is completely different.

Points to keep in mind

  • Glass: Apple said “the most durable glass ever in a smartphone” but the glass looks very simliar to iPhone X’s. No clue whether new Gorrila Glass 6 or not
  • Antenna band: Extra antenna band added on the bottom very likely to support for Gigabit LTE (not 5G)
  • IP68 water resistance: No evidence. SIM card slot also largely unchanged
  • Taptic Engine: Resized and XS Max is a little bigger than XS, perhaps for bigger vibrations
  • Logic Board: XS Max gets extended and different design from XS
  • Battery Shape: XS has a new one-cell L-shaped unit, while XS Max has two cells like iPhone X
  • Battery Capacity: iPhone XS at 2,659 mAh and iPhone XS Max at 3,179 mAh (iPhone X at 2716 mAh)
  • Battery Design: Terraced battery cell like Origami (custom shaped to fit the specific contours of the enclosure)
  • Camera: The wide-angle sensor size has been increased by 32% (Pixel size has also been bumped, bringing better low-light performance and contributing to the new “Smart HDR” feature)
  • Earpiece Speaker: XS Max has a bit of extra speaker volume

As for the battery shape, “The extra corners and edges of the single-cell battery in the XS will be prone to extra stress,” iFixit mentioned.

Totally no big news about internal design, however this year is “S” year of tick-tock cycle. We will see completely new design a year later.

In addition, what about component suppliers? Continue reading

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The reason iOS 12 increases performance even on older devices

iOS 12 brings significantly improved performance and longer battery life on older iOS devices such as iPhone 5S, why?

Apple released iOS 12 software update to the public on Monday, Sept. 17.

In the past, software updates on older devices gave us a lot of issues like slow down, crash and bugs etc. People have to feel safe, right? Once you install, it’s hard to downgrade to iOS 11.
But this time, you do not neet to be afraid to upgrade.

It’s clear that Apple has foucused its effort especially on the oldest devices and you will see performance improvements. Thus iOS 12 seems to be worth installing. Don’t hesitate. This updates will give new life to your old devices. Many users have already installed and pleased with the results.

The question now arises. Why do older devices work well?

Apple has described, “Camera launches up to 70 percent faster, the keyboard appears up to 50 percent faster and typing is more responsive. When there is a lot going on across the system, apps can launch up to twice as fast.”

Apple’s deepest foucus is optimizing the system when it’s under load. That’s where you need performance the most and where iOS 12 really shines.

CPU Performance on iOS 12

Even old devices work faster and more responsive on iOS 12. Apple’s collaboration with their chip team has enabled to optimize iOS across the full range of A series silicon.

To speed up on iOS, the company started with the silicon. Apple has designed SoC by themselves for more than a decade to have control of final products.
Apple’s collaboration with their chip team has enabled to optimize iOS across the full range of A series silicon.

CPU traditionally responds to increased demand for performance by slowly ramping up clock speed. When detect needs a burst of performance, like when you begin scrolling or launching an app, make ramping up processor performance instantly to its highest states, delivering high performance and to ramp it down just as fast to preserve battery life.

You know that the tech giant makes not only hardwares but also software. Updates to focus on performance is nice for users.

iOS 12 is compatible with any device that currently supports iOS 11 including 2013’s iPhone 5S, iPad Air and 6th-gen iPod touch.

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