Adobe previewed Project Gemini, a new iPad app for drawing and painting

Adobe’s next-generation drawing and painting app, Project Gemini, coming for iPad next year

At Adobe Max 2018 keynote, Adobe has just unveiled Project Gemini, a new mobile painting and drawing app for pen and touch devices. It will come first to iPad in 2019, followed by Windows 10 and Android.

Project Gemini focused on accelerating drawing and painting workflows across devices, combines raster and vector content, featuring new dynamic brushes such as Live brushes that mimic natural media like oil paint and watercolors in amazingly lifelike ways.
This app enables users to use and sync Photoshop’s powerful brush engine and works seamlessly with Creative Cloud apps including Photoshop CC.

Project Gemini

Gemini delivers raster brushes and vector brushes playing together in the same app

Project Gemini, supporting for PSD files, layers, selections and masks, enables the most modern non-destructive drawing and editing workflows. So you can open up Photoshop document inside of Gemini and save in the Creative Cloud automatically.

Adobe has built Project Gemini with the illustration community, including Kyle Webster who is a core part of the team.

Introducing Project Gemini

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